Brazilian Hair - Why is it so good?

Published: 28th March 2011
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Why South American?

Virgin South American hair is rare, and that's why its so expensive. Unlike Indian hair which is donated as part of a religious ritual, Brazilian and Peruvian hair is collected from donors in small villages who are paid for the effort of growing their natural hair.

The population of South America has over the centuries become a well integrated mix of the original indigenous Indian inhabitants and the Spanish immigrants of the sixteenth century: as a result the hair has the winning combination of the strength, body and colour of Indian natural hair combined with the texture and smoothness of European hair.

But be warned!

Much hair that is sold as ‘Brazilian' is in fact reprocessed Indian & Chinese hair: if you find a bargain you can be almost certain that is not genuine Brazilian.

Processed Asian hair has its cuticles (or scales) stripped so that they don't rub and then is coated with silicon to make it silky smooth. Unfortunately, this layer of silicon normally wears off after a few washes and then the hair will start to tangle and lose its body.

Raw natural virgin hair has not been coloured or treated in any way and will last a long long time. The colours are limited to normally off black or a very dark brown at its lightest, there again, if you are offered anything lighter than a colour 2 then it is almost certainly not Brazilian, or it has been dyed, so it is no longer virgin.

How is it collected?

The hair is gathered from the donors in ponytails where the hair is kept the same way up so the cuticles do not rub against each other. This prevents any tendency to tangle and makes it very smooth to the touch.

South American hair has a natural body with a slight wave: because it is raw virgin hair it can be curled, straightened or styled just like your own hair and even dyed if that's want you want to do.

Brazilian hair from Afrodite is sourced directly from a small family run business and Eduardo is the chief buyer. He is obsessed with quality; during his last visit we asked him how he selects his hair.

"our customers really know their hair and it's a challenge for us - we reject more hair than we buy. But they all know the hair I choose is the finest quality and will last for years."

Do visit our website for more details about Brazilian & Peruvian hair and how to care for it.

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